Create a Compelling Video Ad

With Connechub you can post a video ad to list a job, promote your business, announce an event, unbox the latest item, or sell your stuff.

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Connechub is simple, easy to use, and free to sign up

First, you need to create your own account here, which will allow you to post video ads.

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Record a Video

Once you have finished creating your account it is time to post a video ad to advertise your goods and/or services. It's simple, whip out your phone, and record a video.

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Create New A Listing

Now that you have your video and ready to post. Log in and click on “Post A Video Ad,” select a category, and create a listing. It takes as little as 30 seconds to create a listing!

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Enjoy your Listing

Once you get an email confirmation that the listing has completed, you can now sit back, relax and wait for the potential buyers to contact you regarding the goods and/or services you are offering. It’s as easy as that!