Welcome to Connechub Newsletter!

Connechub feels that it takes a community of one to provide an experience that is safe and easy to use. As a company, we will listen to the needs of our users and will continue to make changes to improve the environment.

Things that were added to enhance the Connechub experience

Pre 1.1.10

  1. email should not be allowed as username
  2. new subcategories recently added in the services category are missing.
  3. Research automatic quality switching for video playback.
  4. Unable to edit my profile when I chose forget password. Enter my email I get an error ""
  5. Condition of the item for sale.
  6. Word wrap Listing title when long titles are used.
  7. the system is not retaining my subcategory when i go to edit
  8. "Sold" Button
  9. Added favicon
  10. Improved search results

Coming soon (1.1.10)

  • New homepage slogan
  • Website redesign
  • New Subcategories added to the Sale Category
  • Improved Facebook imagery

1.1.11 "Volatile Vervet"

  • About US redesign / verbiage / photo changes

1.1.12 "Flying Frog"

  • Improved Security

1.1.13 "Eerie Eagle"

  • ADDED Andriod and iOS progressive web app abilitiies including `Add to Homescreen`.
  • Enabled text compression to improve performance.
  • REMOVED un-used Javascript.
  • IMPROVED video transcoding quality.

1.1.14 "Fuzzy Frog"

  • IMPROVED password complexity requirements.
  • ADDED Google reCaptcha during registration.
  • ADDED ability to use rich text formatting, including URL links, in item description.
  • REMOVED hamburger menu from mobile view.
  • FIXED incorrect icons on main menu.